Why We Humans Need To Process Our Emotions

Part 1 looks at the why Part 2 your coping mechanisms, yes you Part 3 10 easy tips so you too can learn to process your emotions Uh-oh, as humans we really only want the good emotions, don’t we! As a life coach we typically focus a lot of our attention on the mental andContinue reading “Why We Humans Need To Process Our Emotions”

Know Thyself Blog

Know Thyself…is a quote from Socrates, in fact the full quote is ‘To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom’. While Socrates was credited with this insight it was in fact Aristotle, his teacher, who gave birth to this concept. Another worthy quote from the Greek philosopher (384-322BC) which ties into this is ‘Educating theContinue reading “Know Thyself Blog”

Why Life Coaching?

When I tell people I’m a life coach invariably they scratch their head and make some vague reference to counselling or mentoring.  They might have the word ‘goal’ somewhere in their description.  They have heard of it, know it’s got ‘good stuff’ but have no idea of what it really means.  This post will tellContinue reading Why Life Coaching?