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So how does this work?
Each of these 6 packages consists of one-to-one private and confidential conversations with your own personal guide who is a trained and skilled coach. All packages include a contract, intake questionnaire and each session includes a follow up form. Want change? Want transformation? Give this, the best gift to yourself, and overcome your obstacles and realise your full life potential.

Don’t see a package here that suits, just call and we will design one together that best suits your needs.

Talent Time
Lunch Time
Sessions x 5
45 minutes each
€75 per session + VAT
Sessions x 4
1 hour each
€100 per session + VAT
Sessions x 4+
1 hour each
€100 per session + VAT

Make the most of your lunch hour. Your time, your agenda/intention. Where would you like to start?
Do you have a dream you are unable to reach but don’t know why?
Identify, create a realise the vision and life that is right for you.

Precious time to invest in you.
An opportunity for growth to achieve a life of your vision.
If there was one thing you would like to change, what would it be? Lets make it happen.
Achieve extraordinary
results, discover your potential.
If you are not fulfilled in your current role but would like to be.
Or might be considering a change. Get some clarity and a fresh perspective to go after what you want.
& Divorce
Deep Goal
Retirement = Refirement
Sessions x 4
1 hour each
€400 + vat
Sessions x 8
over 6 months
1 hour each
€700 + vat
Sessions x 4
1 hour each
€400 + vat
Life can be overwhelming sometimes especially when there are big decisions to be made and lots of change.
Focusing on your identity, values, boundaries and vision – this packages helps you to re-lay the foundations. Time to take control of your thoughts and actions to focus on yourself and those that matter most to you, your future and your happiness.
One of my favorite packages. We set goals and wonder why we can’t stick to them. Making changes can’t be done in isolation.
This package offers the opportunity to align your goals and vision across 12 aspects of your life and refocus with an action plan, clarity, and motivation to level up your life.
New phases in life can be challenging but also exciting. This package is for the 65+.
When we have invested so much of our life in our work and others, sometimes it can be hard to know what is left for us. Re-ignite your passion for life.
This package is for those who what to explore what’s next for them.

Before you commit…avail of a 30 minute free chemistry check call with any questions you may have, to discuss the process, to ensure you and your coach are a great fit, what you can expect from coaching and to see if coaching is for you.

Any questions call Tracy (353) 87 285 9658

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