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A number of business qualifications, good jobs in marketing/sales, a family, financial security, a lot to be grateful for. However, at times it felt as if life was happening to me and I had lost my connection to what made me ‘me’ and happy. I had ambition and dreams but couldn’t realise the changes that were needed. I knew I might need some help with this but had no idea where to look.
I came across coaching by accident. It has given me access to my self awareness, identity, purpose and present.

Coaching made such an impact it inspired me to train as a life/executive coach. This gave me the credentials, tools and skills to facilitate change in others.
I am and will be always a student with coaching expanding my knowledge and craft to ensure my clients get the very best, each and every time. As an Holistic Coach – I help clients on their emotional, behavioral, mindset behaviour, spirituality and relationships leading to impactful and lasting change.

Contact Us

Before you proceed with any package or payment we offer a 30 minute free call. A chance to talk and see if coaching is for you. It is important that whichever coach you choose, you feel they are the right guide for your journey.

Not sure what you need, the costs or even if it will work for you? We’re here to help.
Any questions just email brightlightscoaching@gmail.com
Or call me, Tracy
(353) 87 285 9658

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